Net::BitTorrent::Session::Piece::Block - Outgoing request


new ( { [ARGS] } )

Creates a Net::BitTorrent::Session::Piece::Block object. This constructor should not be used directly.


as_string ( [ VERBOSE ] )

Returns a 'ready to print' dump of the Net::BitTorrent::Session::Piece::Block object's data structure. If called in void context, the structure is printed to STDERR.

See also: [id://317520], Net::BitTorrent::as_string()

client ( )

Returns the Net::BitTorrent object related to this block.

index ( )

Returns the zero based index of the related Net::BitTorrent::Session::Piece object.

length ( )

Returns the amount of data covered by the block.

offset ( )

Returns the offset of the block in reference to the beginning of the piece.

peers ( )

Returns a list of all related Net::BitTorrent::Session::Peer objects. Unless the session is in endgame mode, the list will contain a single peer.

piece ( )

Returns the Net::BitTorrent::Session::Piece object related to this piece.

session ( )

Returns the Net::BitTorrent::Session object related to this block.


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