Net::BitTorrent::Session::Tracker - Single Tier of BitTorrent Trackers


new ( [ARGS] )

Creates a Net::BitTorrent::Session::Tracker object. This constructor should not be used directly.

See also: Net::BitTorrent::Session


as_string ( [ VERBOSE ] )

Returns a 'ready to print' dump of the Net::BitTorrent::Session::Tracker object's data structure. If called in void context, the structure is printed to STDERR.

See also: Net::BitTorrent

get_client ( )

Returns the Net::BitTorrent object related to this tracker.

get_session ( )

Returns the Net::BitTorrent::Session object related to this request.

get_urls ( )

Returns the list of URLs contained in this tier.

See Also: add_url( ), remove_url( )

add_url ( URL )

Adds a new tracker url to this tier.

See Also: remove_url( ), get_urls( )

remove_url ( URL )

Removes a tracker from the list in this tier.

This method is a NOOP. See the next release...

See Also: add_url( ), get_urls( )


  • Does not support UDP or HTTPS trackers.

  • While we don't hammer the trackers, the current version of this module does not comply with the current draft of the Multitracker Metadata Extension specification's order of processing.

    See also:

  • We do not send stop and complete announcements when required. This is actually a Net::BitTorrent::Session and Net::BitTorrent::Session::Peer bug.


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License and Legal

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