NAME - Painfully simplistic BitTorrent client

Synopsis [options] [file ...]

   -torrent           .torrent file to load
   -port              port number opened to incoming connections
   -store             base directory to store downloaded files
   -skip_hashcheck    skip integrity check at start
   -help              brief help message
   -man               full documentation



Open this .torrent file.

You may pass several -torrent parameters and load more than one .torrent session.


Port number opened to the world for incoming connections. This defaults to 0 and lets Net::BitTorrent bind to a random, unused port.


Relative or absolute directory to store downloaded files. All files will be downloaded using this as the base directory. Single file torrents will go directly into this directory, multifile torrents will create a directory within this and download there. By default, this is the current working directory.


If found, the files will not be checked for integrity and we assume that we have none of the data of this torrent.


Print a brief help message and exit.


Print the manual page and exit.


This is a very basic demonstration of a full Net::BitTorrent-based client.