bittorrent - Very basic example BitTorrent client


 bittorrent file.torrent
 bittorrent [options] [file ...]

   -t     --torrent     .torrent file to load
   -p     --port        TCP/UDP port opened for incoming connections
   -d     --directory   Base directory to store downloaded files
   --no-check           Skip integrity check at start
   -?     --help        Display brief help message
   --man                Display full documentation
   --version            Display version information



Open this .torrent file.

You may pass several -torrent parameters and load more than one .torrent torrent.


Port number opened to the world for incoming connections. This defaults to 0 and lets Net::BitTorrent bind to a random, unused port.


Relative or absolute directory used as a base directory for storage. By default, this is the current working directory.

Please see Net::BitTorrent::Torrent for related information.


If found, the files will not be checked for integrity and we assume that we have none of the data of this torrent.


Print a brief help message and exit.


Print the manual page and exit.




This is a very basic demonstration of a full Net::BitTorrent-based client.


Sanko Robinson <> -


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