Net::BitTorrent::Todo - TODO list for Perl module Net::BitTorrent

High priorities

  • Flesh out the test suite and example scripts

    Create a series of bad .torrent files to test N::B::Torrent with:

    • invalid pieces string

      • string length does not % 40 evenly

      • string is shorter than 40 chars

      • (piece_length * num_pieces) != total_size_of_torrent

    • Document DHT stuff in N::B::Protocol

Short term goals

  • DHT callbacks (?)

  • Fast Ext (fast set use)

  • Make trackers keep track of their own complete/incomplete tally rather than stuffing their value in the parent tier.

  • BEP 9: Extension for Peers to Send Metadata Files

  • ut_pex ...despite it being undocumented

Long term goals

  • Net::BitTorrent::Notes

  • Per-torrent transfer limits.

  • improve file handling

    • large files (> 4G) typically require 64bit math

    • intermediate .piece file to store incoming blocks

  • scripts/ (perhaps)

  • PoCo::BitTorrent

  • Proxy support

  • uTP depending on how well it works out if/when it hits IETF

Duke Nukem: Forever

  • Wire protocol encryption <>


Sanko Robinson <> -


License and Legal

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