Net::BitTorrent::Peer - Base class for peer connections


As the base class for all outgoing and incoming peer connections, this class is all but useless on its own. Don't try Net::BitTorrent::Peer-new( ... )>; instead, create new peer connections with the correct subclass:


Incoming TCP-based peer.


Outgoing TCP-based peer.


Outgoing (UDP) uTP-based peer.


Incoming (UDP) uTP-based peer.

Public Status Methods

These methods (or accessors) do not initiate a particular action but return current state of the peer.

Net::BitTorrent::Peer->choked( )

We have choked this peer.

Net::BitTorrent::Peer->connecting( )

The connection is in a half-open state (i.e. it is being connected).

Net::BitTorrent::Peer->handshake( )

The connection is opened, and waiting for the handshake. Until the handshake is done, the peer cannot be identified.

Net::BitTorrent::Peer->interesting( )

We are interested in pieces from this peer.

Net::BitTorrent::Peer->local_connection( )

The connection was initiated by us, the peer has a listen port open, and that port is the same as in the address of this peer. If this flag is not set, this peer connection was opened by this peer connecting to us.

Net::BitTorrent::Peer->on_parole( )

The peer has participated in a piece that failed the hash check, and is now "on parole", which means we're only requesting whole pieces from this peer until it either fails that piece or proves that it doesn't send bad data.

Net::BitTorrent::Peer->optimistic_unchoke( )

This peer is subject to an optimistic unchoke. It has been unchoked for a while to see if it might unchoke us in return an earn an upload/unchoke slot. If it doesn't within some period of time, it will be choked and another peer will be optimistically unchoked.

Net::BitTorrent::Peer->pieces( )

This is a bitfield with one bit per piece in the torrent. Each bit tells you if the peer has that piece (if it's set to 1) or if the peer is missing that piece (set to 0). Like all bitfields, this returns a Bit::Vector object.

Net::BitTorrent::Peer->queued( )

The connection is currently queued for a connection attempt. This may happen if there is a limit set on the number of half-open TCP connections.

Net::BitTorrent::Peer->remote_choked( )

The peer has choked us.

Net::BitTorrent::Peer->remote_interested( )

The peer is interested in us.

Net::BitTorrent::Peer->seed( )

This peer is a seed (it has all the pieces).

Net::BitTorrent::Peer->snubbed( )

This peer has recently failed to send a block within the request timeout from when the request was sent. We're currently picking one block at a time from this peer.

Net::BitTorrent::Peer->support_extensions( )

Means that this peer supports the extension protocol.

Net::BitTorrent::Peer->torrent( )

This is a Net::BitTorrent::Torrent object. Note that incoming connections may not have this value set until after the <handshake|/"Net::BitTorrent::Peer->handshake( )"> is complete.

Net::BitTorrent::Peer->upload_only( )

This peer has either explicitly (with an extension) or implicitly (by becoming a seed) told us that it will not downloading anything more, regardless of which pieces we have.

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