Test::BDD::Cucumber - Feature-complete Cucumber-style testing in Perl


A sane and complete Cucumber implementation in Perl


This is beta software, at best. The interface is unlikely to undergo major incompatible changes, but it's certainly possible. Do have a read of the Bugs and Missing section below so you're not surprised when these things don't work.

In almost all cases, where the behaviour of this module is different from the real Cucumber, the plan is to move it to be more similar to that.

The idea is that the first 1.0 release will be the first production release and before that, you're on your own. There are many things still to add, but I'm using it to do Real Things already.


If you are completely new to Cucumber, you'd get a pretty overview from reading our short and crunchy Tutorial.

If you already understand Cucumber, and just want to get started then you should read the Step-writing quick-start guide, the documentation for our command-line tool App::Pherkin, and How to integrate with Test::Builder.

If you want to extend or integrated Test::BDD::Cucumber then you'd probably be more interested in our Architecture overview.


The following things do not work in this release, although support is planned in the very near future:

  • Tags

  • Localization

  • Step Argument Transforms

  • Quoting in tables is broken

  • Placeholders in pystrings is broken

  • Explicit Step Outline notation doesn't work (although step outlines are explictly supported)

  • Unicode support is probably a bit ropey

  • Pherkin isn't really fit for purpose yet


On Github, of course:


Peter Sergeant


Copyright 2011, Peter Sergeant; Licensed under the same terms as Perl