Jifty::Script::Po - Extract translatable strings from your application


Extracts message catalogs for your Jifty app. When run, Jifty will update all existing message catalogs, as well as create a new one if you specify a --language flag


This script an option, --language, which is optional; it is the name of a message catalog to create.

It also takes --dir to specify additional directories to extract from.

If --js is given, other options are ignored and the script will generate json files for each language under share/web/static/js/dict from the current po files. Before doing so, you might want to run jifty po with --dir share/web/static/js to include messages from javascript in your po files.


Runs the "update_catalogs" method.

_check_mime_type FILENAME

This routine returns a mimetype for the file FILENAME.


Extracts localizable messages from all files in your application, finds all your message catalogs and updates them with new and changed messages.

update_catalog FILENAME

Reads FILENAME, a message catalog and integrates new or changed translations.


Find all translatable messages in your application, using Locale::Maketext::Extract.