Shawn M Moore


Jifty::Web::FileUpload - Describes an HTTP file upload


Currently this module is very much geared towards the use case of the current request offering a file upload, and inspecting CGI to produce metadata.

Refactorings to eliminate these assumptions are very welcome.


Creates a new file upload object. The possible arguments in the PARAMHASH are:


The filehandle to read the content from. If this is not an Fh object produced by CGI, then content_type is mandatory and you probably want to set filename yourself.

content (optional)

The upload's content. Will be intuited if possible.

filename (optional)

The upload's filename as given by the client (i.e. ¬ on disk). Will be intuited if possible.

content_type (optional)

The content type as reported by the client.


Lazily slurps in the filehandle's content.

new_from_fh Fh

Convenience method, since the other bits can be gleaned from the Fh object.

new_from_plack $u