Shawn M Moore
and 4 contributors


NetHack::Inventory::Equipment - the player's equipment


version 0.19


    use NetHack::ItemPool;
    my $pool = NetHack::ItemPool->new;
    my $excalibur = $pool->new_item("the +3 Excalibur (weapon in hand)");
    is($pool->inventory->weapon, $excalibur);

    my $grayswandir = $pool->new_item("the +7 Grayswandir (weapon in hand)");
    is($pool->inventory->weapon, $grayswandir);


under_cursed SLOT

Returns true if the slot is inaccessible because it is covered by at least one cursed item.

blockers SLOT

Returns a list of (slot,item) pairs for items that cover the slot and have to be removed to access it, outermost first; or the item for the outermost blocker in scalar context.


Returns a list of all slots, ordered such that changing a slot need not affect any slot earlier in the list. Right ring comes before left ring.