NAME -- a lame sample program for outputting RTF


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  It's ejumucational.


One of my many superpowers is writing Perl programs that read lexical databases, chew them up, and spit out a tidily formatted dictionary, in RTF.

Why RTF? Just convenience -- I happened to know a bit about RTF, and I didn't know TeX. (And XML+XSL didn't exist at the time.) For ages I wrote (and rewrote, anew each time) completely ad-hoc code to spit out RTF. But after a few years of having to consult the icky RTF Specification to remember how to turn on page numbering, or emit a useful prolog, I decided to write RTF::Writer, to simplify these tasks.

This program,, is just an example program that uses RTF::Writer to emit RTF. The RTF it happens to emit, is a miniature lexicon file, based an a miniature lexical database as input.

See also RTF::Writer and RTF::Cookbook.


Sean M. Burke,