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Tie::Collection - A trivial implementaion of Tie::Cache by using a tied handle of a hash for storage.


use Tie::Collection; use DB_File; use Fcntl;

$dbm = tie %hash2, DB_File, 'file.db', O_RDWR | O_CREAT, 0644; tie %hash, Tie::Collection, $dbm, {MaxBytes => $cache_size};


Tie::Collection implements a trivial implementation of Tie::Cache by Joshua Chamas, that gets a tied hash handle to store the data. Assumption was that most common use will be disk storage, therfore the storage hash will probably be tied.

Tie::Collection is useful with DB_File or MLDBM, as will as with Tie::DBI. It was designed to be used with HTML::HTPL in order to cache objects accesses via a key, so they don't have to be read from disk again and again.

Tie::Collection needs two parameters: The handled of the tied hash, and a hashref with parameters to pass to Tie::Cache. (See manpage).


Ariel Brosh, Tie::Cache was written by Joshua Chamas,


perl(1), Tie::Cache.


Tie::Collection is part of the HTPL package. See HTML::HTPL