This extension serves your Gemini pages via Gopher and generates a few automatic pages for you, such as the main page.

To configure, you need to specify the Gopher port(s) in your Phoebe config file. The default port is 70. This is a priviledge port. Thus, you either need to grant Perl the permission to listen on a priviledged port, or you need to run Phoebe as a super user. Both are potential security risk, but the first option is much less of a problem, I think.

If you want to try this, run the following as root:

    setcap 'cap_net_bind_service=+ep' $(which perl)

Verify it:

    getcap $(which perl)

If you want to undo this:

    setcap -r $(which perl)

The alternative is to use a port number above 1024.

You can set the normale Gopher and the encrypted Gopher ports by setting the appropriate variables. These variables either be a single port, or an array of ports.

    our $gopher_port = 7000; # listen on port 7000
    our $gopher_port = [70,79]; # listen on the finger port as well
    our $gophers_port = 7443; # listen on port 7443 using TLS
    our $gophers_port = [7070,7079]; # listen on port 7070 and 7079 using TLS