Sendu Bala
and 1 contributors


Bio::Assembly::IO - Handler for Assembly::IO Formats


    use Bio::Assembly::IO;

    $in  = Bio::Assembly::IO->new(-file=>"<inputfilename",
    $out = Bio::Assembly::IO->new(-file=>">outputfilename",

    while ( my $seq = $in->next_seq() ) {


Bio::Assembly::IO is a handler module for formats in the Assembly::IO set (e.g. Bio::Assembly::IO::phrap).


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Robson Francisco de Souza





The rest of the documentation details each of the object methods. Internal methods are usually preceded with a _


 Title   : new
 Usage   : Bio::Assembly::IO->new(-file =>$filename,-format=>'format')
 Function: Returns a new assembly stream
 Returns : A Bio::Assembly::IO::Handler initialised
           with the appropriate format
 Args    : -file => $filename
           -format => format


 Title   : next_assembly
 Usage   : $cluster = $stream->next_assembly()
 Function: Reads the next assembly object from the stream and returns it.
 Returns : a Bio::Assembly::ScaffoldI compliant object
 Args    : none


 Title   : _load_format_module
 Usage   : *INTERNAL Assembly::IO stuff*
 Function: Loads up (like use) a module at run time on demand
 Example :
 Returns :
 Args    :


 Title   : _guess_format
 Usage   : $obj->_guess_format($filename)
 Function: guess format based on file suffix
 Example :
 Returns : guessed format of filename (lower case)
 Args    :
 Notes   : formats that _filehandle() will guess includes
           only phrap, by now.