Sendu Bala
and 1 contributors


Bio::Graph::Edge - encapsulation of an interaction between 2 Bio::Seq objects


  ## get an interaction between two nodes ##

  my $edge  = $gr->edge( $gr->nodes_by_id('P12345'),
  my $id    = $edge->object_id();
  my $wt    = $edge->weight();
  my @nodes = $edge->nodes();


This class contains information about a bimolecular interaction. At present it just contains data about its component node, a weight (if set) and an identifier. Subclasses could hold more specific information.


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AUTHOR - Richard Adams



 Name       : new
 Purpose    : constructor for an edge object
 Usage      : my $edge = Bio::Graph::Edge->new(nodes => [$node1,$node2]
                                               id => $id);
 Returns    : a new Bio::Graph::Edge object 
 Arguments  : hash nodes            => array reference of 2 nodes
                   id               => edge id
                   weight(optional) => weight score.


 Name      : weight
 Purpose   : get/setter for weight score
 Usage     : my $weight = $edge->weight();
 Returns   : anumber
 Arguments : void/ a number


 Name      : object_id
 Purpose   : get/setter for object_id
 Usage     : my $id = $edge->object_id();
 Returns   : a string identifier
 Arguments : void/ an identifier 


 Name      : nodes
 Purpose   : get/setter for nodes
 Usage     : my @nodes = $edge->nodes();
 Returns   : a 2 element list of nodes /void
 Arguments : void/ a 2 element list of nodes.