Sendu Bala
and 1 contributors


Bio::Graph::SimpleGraph::Traversal - graph traversal operations for Bio::Graph::SimpleGraph and Bio::Graph::Protein::Graph objects


  use Bio::Graph::SimpleGraph::Traversal;
  use Bio::Graph::SimpleGraph;

  ## get a graph , $g.

  my $traversal = Bio::Graph::SimpleGraph::Traversal->new(-graph=>$g,
                                                          -what =>$what);
 ## cycle through nodes one at a time
 while ($traversal->has_next() ) {
        my $node = $traversal->get_next();
 ## reset traversal to start

 ## get all nodes
  my @all_nodes = $traversal->get_all();


This is a helper class for performing graph traversal operations for Bio::Graph::SimpleGraph objects and Bio::Graph::Protein::Graph objects. The documentation concerning the use of this class is described in the "Graph algorithms" section of the Bio::Graph::SimpleGraph modules. Only the methods are documented here.


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AUTHOR - Nat Goodman, Richard Adams



 name      : has_next
 usage     : while (my $traversal->has_next() ) {..
 purpose   : returns true if there are more items in traversal, else undef
 arguments : none
 returns   : true or unde;


 name      : get_next
 usage     : my $node =  $traversal->get_next() ;
 purpose   : returns  next item in traversal or undef if traversal is exhausted. 
 arguments : none
 returns   : a node  or undef;


 name      : get_all
 usage     : my @nodes =  $traversal->get_all() ;
 purpose   : get all remaining items in traversal as ARRAY (in array context)
              or ARRAY ref.
 arguments : none
 returns   : an array, an array reference or undef.


 name      : get_all
 usage     : my @nodes =  $traversal->get_all() ;
 purpose   : gets current node in traversal 
 arguments : none
 returns   : the current node or undef.


 name      : reset
 usage     : $traversal->reset() ;
 purpose   : restarts traversal from first node
 arguments : none
 returns   : void.