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Bio::Tree::Statistics - Calculate certain statistics for a Tree


  use Bio::Tree::Statistics;


This should be where Tree statistics are calculated. It was previously where statistics from a Coalescent simulation. Currently it is empty because we have not added any Tree specific statistic calculations to this module yet. We welcome any contributions.


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AUTHOR - Jason Stajich



none so far


The rest of the documentation details each of the object methods. Internal methods are usually preceded with a _


 Title   : new
 Usage   : my $obj = new Bio::Tree::Statistics();
 Function: Builds a new Bio::Tree::Statistics object 
 Returns : Bio::Tree::Statistics
 Args    :


 Title   : assess_bootstrap
 Usage   : my $tree_with_bs = $stats->assess_bootstrap(\@bs_trees);
 Function: Calculates the bootstrap for internal nodes based on
 Returns : L<Bio::Tree::TreeI>
 Args    : Arrayref of L<Bio::Tree::TreeI>s