Sendu Bala
and 1 contributors

NAME - check NAME in module POD has fully qualified object name

SYNOPSIS [-d|--dir path] [-v|--verbose] [-?|-h|--help]


This script is designed to find all Bioperl modules which don't have the fully qualified object name with correct capitalization in the "NAME" section of the POD.

The full name is required for the PDOC POD to HTML script to correctly render the module documentation.


-d | --dir path

Overides the default directory to recursively look for .pm file (Default is '../Bio')

-v | --verbose

Show the progress through files during the POD checking.

-? | -h | --help

This help text.


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AUTHOR - Torsten Seemann

Email: torsten-dot-seemann-at-infotech-dot-monash-dot-edu-dot-au