Steven Haryanto
and 1 contributors


Test::Perinci::Tx::Manager - Transaction tests


version 0.38



Test performing action using transaction.

Will initialize transaction manager ($tm) and test action using $tm->call(). Will test several times with different scenarios to make sure commit, rollback, undo, redo, and crash recoveries work.

Arguments (* denotes required arguments):

  • tmpdir* => STR

    Specify temporary directory to store transaction data directory in.

  • name => STR

    The test name.

  • f* => STR

    Fully-qualified name of transactional function, e.g. Setup::File::setup_file.

  • args* => HASH (default: {})

    Arguments to feed to transactional function (via $tm->call()).

  • reset_state* => CODE

    The code to reset to initial state. This is called at the start of tests, as well as after each rollback crash test, because crash during rollback causes the state to become inconsistent.

  • status => INT (default: 200)

    Expect $tm->call() to return this status.

  • reset_db_dir => BOOL (default: 0)

    Whether to reset transaction data directory before running the tests. Note that alternatively, you can also use a different tmpdir for each call to this function.


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