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Rinci::Upgrading - Upgrading from previous version of specification


version 1.1.16


This document gives guide on how to convert your metadata from older version.

Examples are written in Perl, but are not limited to this language.


Upgrading function metadata

In Perl, you can use Perinci::Sub::Wrapper (which in turn is used by Perinci::Access) to automatically convert Sub::Spec 1.0 metadata to 1.1, so you can skip this document if you want.

Terminology change: (sub) spec is now called metadata: the reason is because there are now metadata for functions as well as other code entities like variables, packages, etc. clause is now called property: the reason is to avoid confusion with Data::Sah's clause.

The v (spec version) property is required, add

 v => 1.1

to your function metadata.

Each argument in the args property is now a hash, instead of a schema. Move the schema to the schema key of the hash. To specify required argument, add req set to 1 to hash key. Move arg_pos Sah clause to pos hash key. Move arg_greedy Sah clause to greedy hash key. Move arg_completion Sah clause to completion hash key.

Example, change this:

 args => {
     # a required argument
     arg1 => ['int*', {
         summary => 'Blah ...',
         min => 1, max => 100,
         arg_pos => 0,

     # an optional argument
     arg2 => ['bool', {
         summary => 'Blah ...',
         default => 0,

Into this:

 args => {
     arg1 => {
         summary => 'Blah ...',
         schema => ['int*', {min=>1, max=>100}],
         req => 1,
         pos => 0,

     arg2 => {
         summary => 'Blah ...',
         schema => [bool => {default=>0}],

It is now possible to give summary and description to the schema as well as to the argument.

Accordingly, the result property is also now a hash, instead of schema. Move the schema into the schema hash key.


For the most part, you only need to upgrade client and server library. Client library is now Perinci::CmdLine and Perinci::Access. Server library is now Perinci::Access::HTTP::Server.

Specification is now Riap and Riap::HTTP. Terminology changes. SS request now becomes Riap request. Some key names changed (shortened). Special headers are now prefixed with X-Riap-* instead of X-SS-Req-*.

Log levels are now numeric only (1-6) instead of numeric/string.


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