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SHARYANTO - SHARYANTO's temporary namespace for various libraries


version 0.01


What is this? Why SHARYANTO::*?

The SHARYANTO namespace is used by me for temporary placeholder for modules that are either alpha quality, unstable, lacking tests and/or documentation, or that haven't found a proper name yet.

I put such modules on CPAN because some of my other modules (and scripts) depend on it.

To reiterate, this namespace is for temporary placeholder and not for vanity :)

I encourage other authors to do the same.

Why not something like Tmp::<CPAN ID>::*?

I haven't decided on what is the best name to use for the "Tmp" part. It should be slightly better, in theory.


Alt (where there will similarly be subdivided by CPAN ID's, like Alt::INGY::*, Alt::SHARYANTO::*, etc) is slightly different in nature. It is for alternate implementation and does not imply a temporary nature.


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