NAME - batch processor for creating visual output from GO::TermFinder

SYNOPSIS will read through a number of files, each containing a list of genes, and will create for each one an html page with a GO::View, such that you can graphically browse the results. You need to provide a .conf file, and then a list of files for processing, each of which contain a list of genes. An example .conf file exists in this directory - edit as appropriate.

Usage: <.conf_file> <file1> <file2> <file3> ... <fileN>

The following usage should give you some output, using the example files: GoView.conf genes.txt genes2.txt

An html file, batchGOView.html will be created, that will allow you to browse the results from all of the input lists of genes in a simple format. A frame on the left will have a list of the files that were input, and the frame on the right will display the results for the clicked on link.


Gavin Sherlock