Shlomi Fish
and 1 contributors


Games::LMSolve::Input - input class for LM-Solve


    use Games::LMSolve::Input;

    my $input_obj = Games::LMSolve::Input->new();

    my $file_spec = "board.txt";

    my $spec =
        'dims' => { 'type' => "xy(integer)", 'required' => 1, },
        'planks' => { 'type' => "array(start_end(xy(integer)))",
                      'required' => 1,
        'layout' => { 'type' => "layout", 'required' => 1,},

    my $input_fields = $input_obj->input_board($filename, $spec);


This class implements the input_board method, which enables to read boards in "key = value" format. Several types of values are supported.



Constrcuts a new object. Accepts no meaningful arguments.

$self->input_board($file_spec, $spec);

This method accepts two arguments. $file_spec which is the filename, reference to a filehandle, or reference to the text containing the board specification.

$spec is a specification of the board given as a reference to a hash. The keys are the keys inside the file. The values are references to hashes containing parameters. The 'required' parameter is given to specify that an exception should be thrown if this key was not specified. The other parameter (a mandatory one) is type which specified the type of the value. Available types are:


A simple integer (will be returned as a scalar)


An (X,Y) pair. Will be returned as { 'x' => $x, 'y' => $y }.


An array of [(X1,Y1),(X2,Y2),(X3,Y3)...] pairs. Will be returned as a reference to an array of (X,Y) pairs.


An array of [((SX1,SX2)->(EX1,EX2)), ((SX1,SX2)->(EX1,EX2))...] pairs of (X,Y) pairs. Will be returned as a reference to an array of

        'start' => { 'x' => $start_x, 'y' => $start_y },
        'end' => { 'x' => $end_x, 'y' => $end_y },

This is a generic layout that comes inside a here-document. It is returned as an array of lines that later have to be processed by another routine.

$self->input_horiz_vert_walls_layout($width, $height, \@lines)

Input a horizontal-vertical line layout as exists in a maze.


Written by Shlomi Fish ( )