Test::Run::Obj::TestObj - results of a single test script.



Number of TODO tests that unexpectedly passed.


Returns an array reference containing list of test numbers that failed.


Number of tests that passed.


The next expected event.


The number of plannedt tests.


The number of skipped tests.


This field will contain the reason for why the entire test script was skipped, in cases when it was.


The skip reason for the last skipped test that specified such a reason.


For Moose.


Add failures to the failed() slot.


Gets the reason or defaults to the default.


Returns the number of failed tests.


Calculates the percent of failed tests.


Adds the tests from ->next() to ->max() to the list of failed tests.


Returns if there are failed tests and the maximal test number was set.


Returns whether the test file is either skipped() or bonus().


A predicate that calculates if all the tests in the TestObj were successful.


Returns the method name of the main object that should be propagated based on the success/failure status of this test object.


Returns a key value array ref of params for initializing the failed-object.


Lists the tests as failures where appropriate.


Test::Run::Base::Struct, Test::Run::Obj, Test::Run::Core


This file is freely distributable under the MIT X11 license.


Shlomi Fish,