Test::Run::Straps::StrapsTotalsObj - an object representing the totals of the straps class.




Calculates whether the test file has passed.


Calculates whether the test file has passed and caches it in the passing() slot.


Returns the last detail.

$self->handle_event({event => $event, enormous_num_cb => sub {...}});

Updates the state of the details using a new TAP::Parser event - $event . enormous_num_cb points to a subroutine reference that is the callback for handling enormous numbers.


Updates the skip reason according to the detail $detail.


Returns a key value array ref of params for initializing the failed-object.


Check if the last_detail is OK, and if so update the skip_reason based on it.


Checks if the tests are in the middle - already some were seen but the end was not reached.


Number of TODO tests that unexpectedly passed.


An array containing the details of the individual checks in the test file.


The exit code of the test script.


The filename of the test script.


The number of planned tests.


The number of tests that passed.


A boolean value that indicates whether the entire test script is considered a success or not.


The number of tests that were actually run.


The number of skipped tests.


This field will contain the reason for why the entire test script was skipped, in cases when it was.


The skip reason for the last skipped test that specified such a reason.


The number of "Todo" tests that were encountered.


The wait code of the test script.


Test::Run::Base::Struct, Test::Run::Obj, Test::Run::Core


This file is licensed under the MIT X11 License:


Shlomi Fish,