AxKit::XSP::Minisession - Yet Another Session Handling Library


In your config file:

    PerlSetVar MinisessionDir /tmp/sessions
    PerlSetVar MinisessionLockDir /tmp/sessionlock
    AxAddXSPTaglib +AxKit::XSP::Minisession

In your XSP code:


    <s:set-value username="simon"/>

In your Perl code:

    die "Already logged in" if
        AxKit::XSP::Minisession::Backend::get_value($r, "username");
    AxKit::XSP::Minisession::Backend::set_value($r, "username", $username);


This is a very simple session library which sets state via a cookie and uses Apache::Session::File to store sessions in files on the filesystem. If you need anything more complex than that, this module isn't for you.

The guts of the module are the two functions get_value and set_value in the ::Backend module. The first parameter to these should be an Apache::Request object, and the second a hash key.

These functions are wrapped by the set-value and get-value tags from XSP.

And that's it. I said it was very simple.


Simon Cozens