Simon Cozens


Text::Quoted - Extract the structure of a quoted mail message


    use Text::Quoted;
    my $structure = extract($text);


Text::Quoted examines the structure of some text which may contain multiple different levels of quoting, and turns the text into a nested data structure.

The structure is an array reference containing hash references for each paragraph belonging to the same author. Each level of quoting recursively adds another list reference. So for instance, this:

    > foo
    > # Bar
    > baz


turns into:

        { text => 'foo', quoter => '>', raw => '> foo' },
            { text => 'Bar', quoter => '> #', raw => '> # Bar' } 
        { text => 'baz', quoter => '>', raw => '> baz' }

      { empty => 1 },
      { text => 'quux', quoter => '', raw => 'quux' }

This also tells you about what's in the hash references: raw is the paragraph of text as it appeared in the original input; text is what it looked like when we stripped off the quotation characters, and quoter is the quotation string.


Most of the heavy lifting is done by a modified version of Damian Conway's Text::Autoformat.


Copyright (C) 2002 Kasei Limited

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It may be used and redistributed under the terms of the Artistic License.