Maypole::View::TT - A Template Toolkit view class for Maypole


    BeerDB->config->view("Maypole::View::TT"); # The default anyway

    # Set some Template Toolkit options
    BeerDB->config->view_options( {
        TRIM        => 1,
        COMPILE_DIR => '/var/tmp/mysite/templates',
    } );


This is the default view class for Maypole; it uses the Template Toolkit to fill in templates with the objects produced by Maypole's model classes. Please see the Maypole manual, and in particular, the view chapter for the template variables available and for a refresher on how template components are resolved.

The underlying Template toolkit object is configured through $r->config->view_options. See Template for available options.


Processes the template and sets the output. See Maypole::View::Base


Simon Cozens