drupal-module-starter - creates a skeleton Drupal module distribution


drupal-module-starter [options]


    --module=your_module_name  Module name (required, repeatable)
    --dir            Directory name to create new module in (optional)
    --author=name    Author's name (required)
    --email=email    Author's email (required)
    --hooks=list,of,hooks,here Which hooks you wish to generate stubs for
    --verbose     Print progress messages while working
    --force=1          Delete pre-existing files if needed

    --help           Show this message


drupal-module-starter --module=Recording,Artist,Track,Discography,Review,PodCastGenerator,Pony \ --author="Steve McNabb" --email="" \ --dir=/tmp/someone/projects/drupal/dev --hooks=xmlrpc,form,help,info,init,insert,delete,update \ --table=my_new_table

 This would create the 7 listed modules, each in its own directory under --dir, with stubs installed for
 the listed --hooks (if any).  Note that the table name is just used for generating code -- no tables are
 actually created.  You have to do that part manually.

by default perm, access, menu, load, insert, update, delete, node_info and form hooks are created


Steve McNabb, <> IT Director, F5 Site Design - Open Source Internet Application Development