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  ziprecent h:/myperl

  ziprecent h:/myperl -e pl pm -d 365

  ziprecent h:/myperl -q 

  ziprecent h:/myperl h:/temp/zip/file1.zip 


    This script helps to collect recently modified files in a source directory into a zip file (new or existing).

    It uses Archive::Zip.

    ziprecent h:/myperl

    Lists and zips all files more recent than 1 day (24 hours) in directory h:/myperl and it's subdirectories, and places the zip file into default zip directory. The generated zip file name is based on local time (e.g. 20001208-231237.zip).

    ziprecent h:/myperl -e pl pm -d 365

    Zips only .pl and .pm files more recent than one year.

    ziprecent h:/myperl -msvc

    Zips source files found in a typical MSVC project.

    ziprecent h:/myperl -q

    Lists files that should be zipped.

    ziprecent h:/myperl h:/temp/zip/file1.zip

    Updates file named h:/temp/zip/file1.zip (overwrites an existing file if writable).

    ziprecent -h

    Prints the help text and exits.

     ziprecent.pl <dir> -d <days> [-e <ext> ...]> [-h] [-msvc] [-q] [<zippath>]
     Zips files in source directory and its subdirectories
     whose file extension is in specified extensions (default: any extension).
        -d <days>       max age (days) for files to be zipped (default: 1 day)
        <dir>           source directory
        -e <ext>        one or more space-separated extensions
        -h              print help text and exit
        -msvc           may be given instead of -e and will zip all msvc source files  
        -q              query only (list files but don't zip)
        <zippath>.zip   path to zipfile to be created (or updated if it exists)


Tested only on Win2k.

Does not handle filenames without extension.

Does not accept more than one source directory (workaround: invoke separately for each directory, specifying the same zip file).


Rudi Farkas rudif@lecroy.com rudif@bluemail.ch


perl ;-)

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