Scott Peshak


Device::Citizen3540 - Advanced printing to Citizen 3540/3541 reciept printers


        use Device::Citizen3540;
        my $printer = new Device::Citizen3540();
        $printer->print("This is simple text");

        use Device::Citizen3540 qw/:constants/;
        $printer->print("This is title text", BIG | CENTER | ULINE);
        $printer->print("This is red text", RED);


This module allows the user to easily output to a Citizen iDP3540/3541 Dot Matrix POS printer. This receipt printer supports enlarged text, underlining, red text and graphics. This module supports most of the text features. This module was written with the serial version of the printer in mind, but should work with other interfaces as long as your operating system allows interaction via a device file. Written and tested on a Linux 2.6 machine, but with exception of the default device file should be cross platform (with notable exception of Windows, but there is a native print driver for that platform)



If this environmental variable is set, the value of it is used as the device to write printer commands/text to.


Scott Peshak E<>


Copyright (C) 2006 Scott Peshak.

This program is free software, you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


The user manual for the Citizen idp3540/3541 is available (at the time of this writing) online at If that site no longer exists when you read this, try a web search, there seem to be a lot of mirrors of that file.

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