HTML::DOM::Event::UI - A Perl class for HTML DOM UIEvent objects


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This class provides UIEvent objects for HTML::DOM, which objects are passed to event handlers for certain event types when they are invoked. It inherits from HTML::DOM::Event.


See also those inherited from HTML::DOM::Event.

DOM Attributes

These are both read-only and ignore their arguments.


The view object associated with the event.


A number that's meant to specify some info about the event. For instance, for the DOMActivate event, 1 is a normal activation, and 2 is a hyperactivation (whatever that means). A click event on an element triggers a DOMActivate event, simply copying the detail attribute from the click event.

Other Methods

initUIEvent ( $name, $propagates_up, $cancellable, $view, $detail )

This initialises the event object. See "initEvent" in HTML::DOM::Event for more detail.

init ( ... )

Alternative to initUIEvent that's easier to use:

  init $event
      type => $type,
      propagates_up => 1,
      cancellable => 1,
      view => $view,
      detail => 1,


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