Slaven Rezić


WebEditor::OldFeatures::MakePS - create a postscript file from the site


   use WebEditor::OldFeatures::MakePS;
   WebEditor::OldFeatures::MakePS::makeps($webeditor_oldcontroller_object, %args);
   WebEditor::OldFeatures::MakePS::makeps_send($webeditor_oldcontroller_object, %args);


This module provides the makeps function which create Postscript output from a web.editor site. It uses html2ps (available from to create the output from an intermediate auto-generated HTML page (which is generated by WebEditor::OldFeatures::MakeOnePageHTML).

See WebEditor::OldFeatures::MakeOnePageHTML for a description on HTML templates.


The makeps function arguments:

-o => $output_file

Specify an output file. If not set, then the output will be returned by the makeps function.

-toc => $bool

Create a TOC at the end of the document.

-pagenumbers => $bool

Use page numbers. Turned by default on if -toc is set.

The function also accepts -lang and -debug like makeonepagehtml.

The makeps_send function arguments are same as for makeps. This function automatically creates an HTTP header and prints the output to STDOUT.


Slaven Rezic.