Catalyst::Manual::SuccessStories - Catalyst rocks!


Catalyst is great, no question...


A first benchmark after porting from Maypole to Catalyst

    the_jester: Very fast. Very very fast.
    the_jester: I've run some basic benchmarks. On a "list" page,
                I was getting about 7-8 pages/second with Maypole;
                I'm getting 18 with Catalyst. On a "view" page,
                I'm getting 16 pages/second under Maypole,
                and 57 under Catalyst.
    the_jester: And NOTE: That's Maypole running with cached templates,
                and Catalyst running without.
                Adding template caching to Maypole gave me an
                improvement of about 250%, so....


Sebastian Riedel,


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