bbtester - Remote Windows/Unix testing platform server daemon for Test::BrewBuild


Start the listener in the background, listening on the default IP and port 7800 (TCP)

    bbtester start

Listen using a different IP/Port pair

    bbtester start -i -p 7789

Stop the service from running

    bbtester stop

Run the tester in the foreground for testing/debugging/troubleshooting purposes.

    bbtester --fg

Enable debug logging. By default, log entries get returned with the results.

    bbtester [...] -d 0-7

Send the logs to STDOUT directly. Only useful in foreground mode.

    bbtester --fg [...] -d 0-7 --stdout


This script is the listener end of the distributed Test::BrewBuild testing environment.

bbtester daemonizes a Test::BrewBuild::Tester object, and listens for incoming build requests from a test dispatcher.

We then run the appropriate commands, and return the results to the dispatcher for processing.

The default working directory for a Tester is ~/brewbuild on all platforms.



Starts the tester and puts it into the background. Conflicts with --fg.


Stops the tester.

-i, --ip

Set the IP address to listen on. If not set, will check for one in the config file, and if still not found, will default to, ie. all IPs bound on the system.

-p, --port

Same as IP, if not sent in, we'll check the config file, and then default to 7800.

-f, --fg

Instead of using start which puts the service into the background, this option will run the tester in the foreground.

-d, --debug

Pass this option an integer from 0-7, and we'll enable that level of debugging.

If the tester is put into the background with start, or the --stdout option isn't used with the --fg option, we'll return the debug results with the test results.

-s, --stdout

When using --fg to run the tester in the foreground, use this flag to display debug information live time on STDOUT, as opposed to having it collected and returned.


Steve Bertrand, <steveb at>


Any and all feedback and help is appreciated. A Pull Request is the preferred method of receiving changes (, but regular patches through the bug tracker, or even just email discussions are welcomed.



You can find documentation for this script and its associated module with the perldoc command.

    perldoc bbtester
    perldoc Test::BrewBuild::Tester


    perldoc brewbuild
    perldoc Test::BrewBuild

    perldoc bbdispatch
    perldoc Test::BrewBuild::Dispatch

    perldoc Test::BrewBuild::brewbuild.conf


Copyright 2016 Steve Bertrand.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of either: the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; or the Artistic License.

See for more information.