Test::BrewBuild::Plugin::DefaultExec - The default 'exec' command plugin.


To use, if you've actually installed your plugin:

    brewbuild --plugin My::ExecPlugin

If you have it in a local directory (ie. not installed) (note the path can be relative):

    brewbuild --plugin /path/to/

Send in arguments to your plugin. The --args, -a flag sets an array. For each argument, brewbuild is called once, passing in the next element of the array.

    berrybrew -p My::Plugin --args 1 -a 2


To create a temporary or test plugin, simply create a *.pm file just like this one with the same subroutine, and in the __DATA__ section, include the code you need executed by *brew exec.

The first argument you will receive is the Logging::Simple log object of the core Test::BrewBuild. You can ignore this, or create a child and log throughout your plugin.


Steve Bertrand, <steveb at>