brewbuild - Automate module and reverse-dependency testing, on Windows and Unix


You must be in the root directory of the distribution you want to test.

Run all unit tests against all installed instances with no other action. Upon a FAIL, a log file will be generated in the current working directory named bblog/version.bblog


    # output

    5.8.9 :: PASS
    5.20.3 :: FAIL
    5.22.1 :: PASS

Run tests on the local working copy of the current module, then run all tests of all reverse dependencies of this module (as reported by CPAN), to ensure the down river modules will work with your new build. In this case, FAILs are stored in bblog/revdep-module-name.version.bblog

    brewbuild -R

    # output, in my Mock::Sub repo directory

    reverse dependencies: Test-BrewBuild, File-Edit-Portable,
      Devel-Examine-Subs, Devel-Trace-Subs

    5.18.4 :: FAIL
    5.22.1 :: PASS

    5.18.4 :: PASS
    5.22.1 :: PASS

    5.18.4 :: PASS
    5.22.1 :: PASS

    5.18.4 :: PASS
    5.22.1 :: PASS

Send a basic test run to remote testers (see bbdispatch for more complex dispatching):

    brewbuild -D -t localhost -t -t -t - x86_64-linux

    5.22.1 :: PASS - MSWin32-x64-multi-thread

    5.18.4 :: PASS
    5.22.1 :: PASS

    localhost - MSWin32-x64-multi-thread

    5.22.1 :: FAIL - amd64-freebsd

    5.22.1 :: PASS
    5.23.7 :: PASS
    5.8.9 :: FAIL
    5.10.1 :: FAIL
    5.18.4 :: FAIL

All FAIL log files are stored locally when dispatching to identify the issues:

Print usage information

    brewbuild -h

Display test platform setup instructions for Unix and Windows

    brewbuild --setup


This brewbuild script installed by the Test::Brewbuild module allows you to perform your unit tests seamlessly across all of your Perlbrew (Unix) or Berrybrew (Windows) Perl instances, as well as test all of your down-river CPAN modules that rely on your module against the locally updated version, with support for ExtUtils::MakeMaker, Module::Build and Dist::Zilla distributions.

It also allows you to dispatch basic test runs to remote testing servers.

For Windows, you'll need to install Berrybrew (see "SEE ALSO" for details). For Unix, you'll need Perlbrew.

It allows you to remove and reinstall on each test run, install random versions of perl and install specific versions.

All unit tests are run against all installed perl instances, unless otherwise specified.


Many of the options listed below can be saved in a configuration file if you want to set them permanently, or override defaults. Arguments passed in on the command line override those in the configuration file. See configuration file docs.

-o, --on

Perl version number to run against (can be supplied multiple times). Can not be used on Windows at this time.

-R, --revdep

Run tests, install, then run tests on all CPAN reverse dependency modules.

-d, --debug

0-7, sets logging verbosity, default is 0.

-n, --new

How many random versions of perl to install (-1 to install all). On Windows, we'll default to installing 64-bit versions only, if a 64 bit perl is available for the version desired. See the --install flag if you'd like to install 32-bit versions, where both versions are present.

-i, --install

Number portion of an available perl version according to *brew available. Multiple versions can be sent in at once.

On Windows, by default, we install only 64-bit versions. You can append the _32 or _64 suffixes as displayed by berrybrew available to override the default. If you're dispatching to both Unix and Windows systems, we'll strip this suffix on the Unix systems before performing any actions.

-r, --remove

Remove all installed perls (less the currently used one).

-D, --dispatch

Sends a basic test run to remote Test::BrewBuild test servers, which are specified with the -t|--tester flag. We'll get the repository inforation out of your current working directory, and simply run brewbuild with no arguments on the testers (all other flags are removed if -D is used).

For more expansive dispatching functionality, see bbdispatch.

-t, --tester

Used only with the -D flag, specify a tester for the dispatcher to dispatch to, in the form host_or_ip[:port].

-N, --notest

Do not run tests. Allows you to --remove and --install without testing.

-S, --save

By default, we save logs of FAIL result logs into the bblog directory. With this flag, we'll save both the FAIL logs along with all the PASS logs as well.

-l, --legacy

Operate on perls less than 5.8.x. The default plugins won't work with this flag set if a lower version is installed.

-p, --plugin

Optional module name of the exec command plugin to use. You can also specify a file name if the module is not installed.

-a, --args

List of args to pass into the plugin (one arg per loop).

-X, --nocache

Perlbrew fetches it's available information from the Internet. By default, we fetch it from there the first time, then cache that information for the remaining duration of the program run.

Set this flag to disable this caching.

-T, --selftest

Test::BrewBuild development testing only. Prevents recursive test loops.

-s, --setup

Display test platform setup instructions.

-h, --help

Print out the command line usage information.


Test::BrewBuild test platform configuration guide


Install perlbrew and related requirements:

    cpanm App::perlbrew
    perlbrew install-patchperl
    perlbrew install-cpanm

Install and switch to your base perl instance, and install Test::BrewBuild:

    perlbrew install 5.22.1
    perlbrew switch 5.22.1
    cpanm Test::BrewBuild


Download/install git for Windows:

Create a repository directory, and enter it:

    mkdir c:\repos
    cd c:\repos

Clone and configure berrybrew

    git clone
    cd berrybrew
    bin\berrybrew.exe config (type 'y' when asked to install in PATH)

Close the current CMD window and open a new one to update the PATH environment variable.

Check available perls, and install one that'll become your core base install:

    berrybrew available
    berrybrew install 5.22.1_64
    berrybrew switch 5.22.1_64

Open another new CMD window, and make sure the new Perl is in use:

    perl -v

Install Test::BrewBuild

    cpanm Test::BrewBuild


Steve Bertrand, <steveb at>


You can find documentation for this script and module with the perldoc command.

    perldoc brewbuild
    perldoc Test::BrewBuild

Documentation for the remote testing service script, and its API:

    perldoc bbtester
    perldoc Test::BrewBuild::Tester

Documentation for the test dispatching script and its API:

    perldoc bbdispatch
    perldoc Test::BrewBuild::Dispatch


Berrybrew for Windows:

Perlbrew for Unixes:

Remote testing server utility:


Remote testing server API:


Dispatching to remote testers:

See brewbuild -h, in the Dispatching Server options section.

Dispatcher API:



Copyright 2017 Steve Bertrand.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of either: the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; or the Artistic License.

See for more information.