Dancer::Core::Role::SessionFactory - Role for session factories


version 1.9999_01


Any class that consumes this role will be able to store, create, retrieve and destroy session objects.



Return a list of all session IDs stored in the backend. Useful to create cleaning scripts, in conjunction with session's creation time.

Required method : _sessions


Following is the interface provided by this role. When specified the required methods to implement are described.


Create a brand new session object and store it. Returns the newly created session object.

Triggers an exception if the session is unable to be created.

    my $session = MySessionFactory->create();

This method does not need to be implemented in the class.


Returns a randomly-generated, guaranteed-unique string. (It is not guaranteed cryptographically secure, but it's still reasonably strong for general use.) This method is used internally by create() to set the session ID.

This method does not need to be implemented in the class unless an alternative method for session ID generation is desired.


Return the session object corresponding to the session ID given. If none is found, triggers an exception.

    my $session = MySessionFactory->retrieve(id => $id);

The method _retrieve must be implemented.


Purges the session object that matches the ID given. Returns the ID of the destroyed session if succeeded, triggers an exception otherwise.

    MySessionFactory->destroy(id => $id);

The _destroy method must be implemented.


Make sure the session object is stored in the factory's backend. This method is called to notify the backend about the change in the session object.

An exception is triggered if the session is unable to be updated in the backend.

    MySessionFactory->flush(session => $session);

The _flush method must be implemented.


Dancer Core Developers


This software is copyright (c) 2012 by Alexis Sukrieh.

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