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Net::Inspect::Flow - base interface for Net::Inspect::* flows


 my $tcp = Net::Inspect::L4::TCP->new(...);
 my $raw = Net::Inspect::L3::IP->new($tcp);


Net::Inspect::Flow implements the interface for all flow objects, e.g. that they have an upper flow object. It provides a member upper_flow on which the forwardinh hooks should be called.


Create object, subclasses should call Net::Inspect::Flow::new to initialize object. The given flow will be used for calling the hooks from the newly created flow. If called on object instead of class the object should clone itself. In this case the flow from the cloned object will be cloned too, unless a new flow is given.


Create if necessary a class derived from Net::Inspect::Flow::Any, which contains the given methods additionally to the methods of Net::Inspect::Flow::Any. These methods loop over the attached flows and call the method with the same name on the flow and returns the first defined result.

Net::Inspect::Flow::Any provides the following methods:


adds flow to internal list of flows


detaches flow from internal list of flows


returns internal list of flows

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