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Net::Inspect::L7::HTTP::Request::Simple - simple HTTP request handling


    my $rq = myHTTPRequest->new(...);
    my $http = Net::Inspect::L7::HTTP->new($rq);
    my $tcp = Net::Inspect::L4::TCP->new($http);

    package myHTTPRequest;
    use base 'Net::Inspect::L7::HTTP::Request::Simple';
    sub in {
        my ($self,$dir,$data,$eof,$time) = @_;
        # save data into file


This class implements simple HTTP Request handling. All hooks required in Net::Inspect::L7::HTTP are implemented. The hooks for chunked header and trailer just ignore the data, while all the other hooks call in with the content, which then should be redefined in subclass:


Typical use is for just saving request and response.