Perl data type class for the XML Schema defined complexType SearchParameter from the namespace

A set of {@link SearchParameter}s is supplied to the {@link TargetingIdeaSelector} to specify how the user wants to filter the set of all possible {@link TargetingIdea}s. <p>There is a {@link SearchParameter} for each type of input. {@link SearchParameter}s can conceptually be broken down into two types.</p> <ul> <li>Input {@link SearchParameter}s provide the seed information from which ideas or stats are to be generated (e.g., {@link RelatedToQuerySearchParameter}, {@link RelatedToUrlSearchParameter}, etc.). This type of {@link SearchParameters} is required in requests. <li>Filter {@link SearchParameter}s (e.g., {@link CompetitionSearchParameter}, etc.) are used to trim down the results based on {@link Attribute}-related information. </ul> <p>A request should only contain one instance of each {@link SearchParameter}. Requests containing multiple instances of the same search parameter will be rejected.</p> <p>One or more of the following {@link SearchParameter}s are required:<br/> <ul><li>{@link CategoryProductsAndServicesSearchParameter}</li> <li>{@link LocationSearchParameter}</li> <li>{@link RelatedToQuerySearchParameter}</li> <li>{@link RelatedToUrlSearchParameter}</li> <li>{@link SeedAdGroupIdSearchParameter}</li> </ul><p> <p><b>{@link IdeaType} KEYWORD supports following {@link SearchParameter}s:</b><br/> <ul> <li>{@link CategoryProductsAndServicesSearchParameter}</li> <li>{@link CompetitionSearchParameter}</li> <li>{@link IdeaTextFilterSearchParameter}</li> <li>{@link IncludeAdultContentSearchParameter}</li> <li>{@link LanguageSearchParameter}</li> <li>{@link LocationSearchParameter}</li> <li>{@link NetworkSearchParameter}</li> <li>{@link RelatedToQuerySearchParameter}</li> <li>{@link RelatedToUrlSearchParameter}</li> <li>{@link SearchVolumeSearchParameter}</li> <li>{@link SeedAdGroupIdSearchParameter}</li> </ul><p>


The following properties may be accessed using get_PROPERTY / set_PROPERTY methods:

  • SearchParameter__Type

    Note: The name of this property has been altered, because it didn't match perl's notion of variable/subroutine names. The altered name is used in perl code only, XML output uses the original name:




Constructor. The following data structure may be passed to new():


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