Perl data type class for the XML Schema defined complexType TargetCpaBiddingScheme from the namespace

<a href="">Target CP/a is an automated bid strategy that sets bids to help get as many conversions as possible at the target cost per acquisition (CPA) you set. <p>A {@linkplain #targetCpa target CPA} must be set for the strategy, but can also be optionally set for individual ad groups in the strategy. Ad group targets, if set, will override strategy targets. <p>Note that campaigns must meet <a href="">specific eligibility requirements</a> before they can use the Target CPA bid strategy. <span class="constraint AdxEnabled">This is disabled for AdX.</span>


The following properties may be accessed using get_PROPERTY / set_PROPERTY methods:

  • targetCpa

  • maxCpcBidCeiling

  • maxCpcBidFloor



Constructor. The following data structure may be passed to new():


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