Nuvol::Test - Test functions


Nuvol::Test provides functions to simplify module tests. They are split between standard and live tests.

Live tests will create and remove files with names starting with Nuvol Testfile, a Nuvol Testfolder and in the latter an unspecified number of files and subfolders. They may delete existing files with similar names.

Don't run these tests if you don't understand what they are doing.

The tests are skipped if the environment variables for the different services are not set or don't point to an existing file. The variable names are NUVOL_DUMMY_LIVE, NUVOL_OFFICE365_LIVE.

To create new config files, call "new" in Nuvol::Connector and "authenticate" in Nuvol::Connector from the command line.

    $ export NUVOL_OFFICE365_LIVE=/path/to/config
    $ perl -MNuvol::Connector -E"Nuvol::Connector->new('$NUVOL_OFFICE365_LIVE', 'Office365')->authenticate"

This sets the environment variable for live tests on Office 365 and starts an interactive authentication that creates the Office 365 config file. Remember that this file contains highly sensitive information.


Nuvol, Nuvol::Test::Connector, Nuvol::Test::ConnectorLive, Nuvol::Test::Drive, Nuvol::Test::DriveLive, Nuvol::Test::File, Nuvol::Test::FileLive, Nuvol::Test::Folder, Nuvol::Test::FolderLive, Nuvol::Test::Item, Nuvol::Test::ItemLive, Nuvol::Test::Roles.