Graph::Easy::Pod2HTML - Render pod with graph code as HTML


        perl -MGraph::Easy::Pod2HTML=go -e 'go thingy.pod'


Graph::Easy::Pod2HTML uses Pod::Simple::XHTML to render POD as HTML. In addition to Pod::Simple::XHTML, it also handles paragraphs of the type graph like shown here:

        =for graph [ A ] => [ B ]

        =begin graph

         [ A ] => [ B ] -> [ C ]
         [ C ] => [ D ]

        =end graph

In addition to graph code, you can also use graph-common to store graph code that should be common to all following graphs. Each graph-common paragraph will replace the former definition:

        This graph will have default settings:

        =for graph [ A ] => [ B ]

        Store now a different background color:

        =begin graph-common

        graph { background: #deadff; }
        node { background: #fff000; }

        =end graph-common

        This graph will use the common part defined above:

        =for graph [ A ] => [ B ]

        This will replace the common parts with only a
        blue background for nodes:

        =for graph-common node { background: blue; }

        So this graph will have blue nodes:

        =for graph [ A ] => [ B ]

More info about the graph code can be found at



        $converter = Graph::Easy::Pod2HTML->new();

Creates a new converter object, which takes pod and emit's HTML.


        $conveter->go( $filename );

Parse $filename and emit HTML on STDOUT.


The following methods can be used to customize the appearance and the contents of the output of Graph::Easy::Pod2HTML:

        $footer = $converter->footer_contents();        # query
        $converter->footer_contents('');                # disable
        $converter->footer_contents('Hello HTML!');     # set

This method let's you decide whether you want a final footer paragraph, or not, and what it should contain. The default is a timestamp and the version of Graph::Easy and Graph::Easy::Pod2HTML used to generate the document.


        $converter->css_file('');                       # none
        $converter->css_file('base.css');               # base.css

This method can be used to set the name of an external stylesheet file that should be linked from the generated document.


Exports nothing, but can export go() on request.


Graph::Easy, Pod::Simple.

More info about the graph code can be found at


Copyright (C) 2005 by Tels

See the LICENSE file for information.