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Pinto::Remote - Interact with a remote Pinto repository


version 0.09993


See pinto to create and manage a Pinto repository.

See pintod to allow remote access to your Pinto repository.

See Pinto::Manual for more information about the Pinto tools.


Pinto::Remote is the cousin of Pinto. It provides the same API, but instead of running Actions against a local repository, it just sends the Action parameters to a pintod server that invokes Pinto on the remote host.

If you are using the pinto application, it will automatically load either Pinto or Pinto::Remote depending on whether your repository root looks like a local directory path or a remote URI.


run( $action_name => %action_args )

Loads the Action subclass for the given $action_name and constructs an object using the given $action_args. If the subclass Pinto::Remote::Action::$action_name does not exist, then it falls back to the Pinto::Remote::Action base class.


Jeffrey Ryan Thalhammer <jeff@stratopan.com>


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