Tim Jenness
and 1 contributors


Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::JCMT_GSD_DB - JCMT GSD Database header translations


Converts information contained in JCMT heterodyne database headers to and from generic headers. See Astro::FITS::HdrTrans for a list of generic headers.



Returns true if the supplied headers can be handled by this class.

  $cando = $class->can_translate( \%hdrs );

For this class, the method will return true if the "GSDFILE" header exists and the "SCA#" header exist.


These methods are more complicated than a simple mapping. We have to provide both from- and to-FITS conversions All these routines are methods and the to_ routines all take a reference to a hash and return the translated value (a many-to-one mapping) The from_ methods take a reference to a generic hash and return a translated hash (sometimes these are many-to-many)


Sets the INSTRUMENT generic header. For RxA3i, sets the value to RXA3. For RxB, sets the value to RXB3.


Calculate a unique Observation ID.


Translates the DATE_OBS or LONGDATEOBS header into a YYYYMMDD integer.


Translates the DB date header into a Time::Piece object.


Translates the database date header into a Time::Piece object and adds on the exposure time.


Uses the NORSECT (number of backend sections), NOFCHAN (number of frontend output channels) and NOBCHAN (number of channels) to form a string that is of the format 250MHzx2048. To obtain this, the bandwidth (250MHz in this example) is calculated as 125MHz * NORSECT / NOFCHAN. The number of channels is taken directly and not manipulated in any way.

If appropriate, the bandwidth may be given in GHz.


Translate the VREF and C12VDEF headers into one combined header.




Brad Cavanagh <b.cavanagh@jach.hawaii.edu>, Tim Jenness <t.jenness@jach.hawaii.edu>


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