Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::UKIRT - Base class for translation of UKIRT instruments


  use Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::UKIRT;


This class provides a generic set of translations that are common to instrumentation from the United Kingdom Infrared Telescope. It should not be used directly for translation of instrument FITS headers.



This implementation of can_translate is used to filter out a database row from an actual file header. The base-class implementation is used if the filter passes.


These methods are more complicated than a simple mapping. We have to provide both from- and to-FITS conversions. All these routines are methods and the to_ routines all take a reference to a hash and return the translated value (a many-to-one mapping). The from_ methods take a reference to a generic hash and return a translated hash (sometimes these are many-to-many).


Converts the EQUINOX FITS header into B1950 or J2000, depending on equinox value, and sets the COORDINATE_TYPE generic header.

  $class->to_COORDINATE_TYPE( \%hdr );

A null translation since EQUINOX is translated separately.


Converts the decimal hours in the FITS header RABASE into decimal degrees for the generic header RA_BASE.

Note that this is different from the original translation within ORAC-DR where it was to decimal hours.


Converts the decimal degrees in the generic header RA_BASE into decimal hours for the FITS header RABASE.

  %fits = $class->from_RA_BASE( \%generic );

Sets the generic header TELESCOPE to 'UKIRT', so that it is SLALIB-compliant.


Sets the specific header TELESCOP to 'UKIRT'. Note that this will probably be sub-classed.


These are UKIRT-specific helper routines.


Given either a ISO format date string or a UT date (YYYYMMDD) and decimal hours UT, calculate the time and return it as an object. Preference is given to the ISO version.

  $time = $trans->_parse_date_info($iso, $yyyymmdd, $uthr );




Astro::FITS::HdrTrans, Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::Base


Brad Cavanagh <>, Tim Jenness <>. Malcolm J. Currie <>


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