eBay::API::XML::Call::UploadSiteHostedPictures inherits from the eBay::API::XML::BaseCall class



An optional reference ID to the binary attachment. The PictureData field does not contain the binary attachment. The binary attachment is image data, including headers, from a JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, or TIF format image file. The binary attachment must be sent as a MIME attachment, in your POST request, after the XML input.

  RequiredInput: No
#    Argument: 'ns:Base64BinaryType'


A name you provide for the picture. Returned as SiteHostedPictureDetails.PictureName in the call response.

  RequiredInput: No
#    Argument: 'xs:string'


The image sizes that will be generated.

  RequiredInput: No
  AllValuesExcept: Large
  Default: Standard
#    Argument: 'ns:PictureSetCodeType'


Specifies the picture system version. Only version 2 is valid. Available to support future changes in the picture system version.

  RequiredInput: No
  Default: 2
#    Argument: 'xs:int'


When the My Picture Uploads feature is available (see the Trading API Release Notes), applications (including non-listing apps, such as photo-editors and digital-camera software) will be able to use the PictureUploadPolicy field to specify that an uploaded picture is available to a seller on the eBay site. When you use PictureUploadPolicy, you are specifying that the picture you uploaded (and its URL) is stored for 48 hours on the eBay site. (If, within 48 hours, the picture is associated with an item, then it persists on the eBay site for the same time length as other pictures uploaded using the UploadSiteHostedPictures call). As a result of the storage on the eBay site, the picture is available to the seller on the My Picture Uploads tab within the Sell Your Item (SYI) pages. A maximum of 25 URLs can be stored.

  RequiredInput: No
#    Argument: 'ns:PictureUploadPolicyCodeType'


Specifies the picture system version that was used to upload pictures. Only version 2 is valid.

  Returned: Always
#    Returns: 'xs:int'


Contains information about an UploadSiteHostedPictures upload, including the URL of the uploaded picture.

  Returned: Always
#    Returns: 'ns:SiteHostedPictureDetailsType'