Applicable for listings that include eBay's Item Specifics or Pre-filled Item Information features. A list of attribute sets. An attribute set contains a list of attributes that describe category-specific aspects or features of an item in a standardized way. See the Developer's Guide for more information. In item-listing requests, this property is required if attributes are identified as required in the characteristics set meta-data. See the Developer's Guide for information about characteristics meta-data and how to determine when attributes are required.



eBay::API::XML::DataType::AttributeSetArrayType inherits from the eBay::API::XML::BaseDataType class



Contains a list of attributes that describe category-specific aspects or features of an item in a standardized way.<br> <br> For the AddItem family of calls and GetItem, an AttributeSetArray can contain a maximum of 2 full attribute sets (one for each category in which the item is listed) if the primary and secondary categories are mapped to different characteristic sets. If they are mapped to the same characteristic set, the AttributeSetArray can contain one full attribute set.<br> <br> An AttributeSetArray can also contain any number of additional site-wide attribute sets. In item-listing requests, AttributeSet is required if the category is mapped to a characteristic set with required attributes. On the US site, attributes are usually required for Tickets, eBay Motors vehicles, and Real Estate listings. See GetCategory2CS and GetAttributesCS. See the Developer's Guide for information about attribute meta-data and validation rules that are applicable when listing items.<br> <br> In GetItem, the item condition may be returned once in an AttributeSet node with IDs and values, and once in a separate AttributeSet node with a site-wide eBay item condition. The IDs are not necessarily returned in GetAttributesCS, so you can use the data instead. listings may also return an AttributeSet node with other eBay attributes.

  Calls: AddItem
  RequiredInput: Conditionally

  Calls: GetSearchResults
  RequiredInput: No

# Argument: reference to an array of 'ns:AttributeSetType'


  Calls: GetCategoryListings
  Returned: Conditionally

  Calls: GetSearchResults
  Returned: Conditionally
  Details: DetailLevel: none, ItemReturnAttributes, ItemReturnCategories, ReturnAll
           GranularityLevel: Coarse

  Calls: GetItem
  Returned: Conditionally
  Details: DetailLevel: ItemReturnAttributes, ReturnAll

# Returns: reference to an array of 'ns:AttributeSetType'