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Module::Advisor - check a modules you are installed


    use Module::Advisor;


Module::Advisor checks a modules you are installed, and notice if:

There is a module, have known bugs.
There is a module, have optional XS module for better performance.
Your are using broken version of CPAN module.


Here is a rules to check the modules.

Modules have security issues.

Digest <= 1.17

&lt;1.16 have a security issue. which could lead to the injection of arbitrary Perl code

Encode <= 2.44

heap overflow

Modules have performance improvements

UNIVERSAL::require <= 0.11

0.11+ is 400% faster

Modules have bugs

Plack <= 0.9982

sanity check to remove newlines from headers

Time::Piece <= 1.16

&lt;1.15 have timezone related issue

DBD::SQLite <= 1.20

a lot of bugs.

Text::Xslate <= 1.0011

&amp;apos; bug.

Text::Xslate <= 1.5021

segv in &quot;render&quot; recursion call

Text::Xslate <= 1.6001

&lt;1.6001 possibly memory leaks on VM stack frames. see https://github.com/xslate/p5-Text-Xslate/issues/71

Furl <= 0.39

unexpected eof in reading chunked body. It makes busy loop.

AnyEvent::MPRPC <= 0.15

switch to Data::MessagePack::Stream

Data::MessagePack <= 0.46

fixed unpacking issue on big-endian system.

Data::MessagePack <= 0.39

packing float numbers fails on some cases

FCGI::Client <= 0.06

fixed large packet issue

Starlet <= 0.12

fix infinite loop when connection is closed while receiving response content

Starman <= 0.2014

$res-&gt;[1] is broken after output (This is actualized with Plack::Middleware::AccessLog::Timed) https://github.com/miyagawa/Starman/pull/31

Starman <= 0.1006

Fixed 100% CPU loop when an unexpected EOF happens

Twiggy <= 0.1000

busy loop

Teng <= 0.14

fixed deflate bug.

DBIx::Skinny <= 0.0742

txn_scope bug fixed

DBIx::TransactionManager <= 1.11

not execute begin_work at AutoCommit=0.

HTTP::MobileAgent <= 0.36

new x-up-devcap-multimedia(StandAloneGPS) support

HTTP::MobileAgent <= 0.35

Updated $HTMLVerMap and $GPSModelsRe in DoCoMo.pm

Encode::JP::Mobile <= 0.25

resolved FULLWIDTH TILDE issue, etc.

Template <= 2.15

uri filter does not works properly https://rt.cpan.org/Public/Bug/Display.html?id=19593

HTML::FillInForm::Lite <= 1.11

HTML5 style tags support

Proc::Daemon <= 0.12

Init() did not close all filehandles reliably in some cases.

ExclusiveLock::Guard <= 0.04

change of the file stat timing (measures under high load)

The version of this module was broken

Amon2::DBI 0.31 has bug.

transaction management bug

Math::Random::MT 1.15 has bug.

rand() took no notice of argument RT #78200

Module::Install 1.04 has bug.

Broken, http://weblog.bulknews.net/post/33907905561/do-not-ship-modules-with-module-install-1-04

Mouse 1.04 has bug.

memory leak, http://d.hatena.ne.jp/gfx/20130208/1360283357

If you are using JSON.

If you are using Plack.

If you are using Filesys::Notify::Simple.

Amon2 <= 3.29 does not have

JSON hijacking detection.

Log::Minimal <= 0.10 does not have


Log::Minimal <= 0.08 does not have

colourful logging

Log::Minimal <= 0.03 does not have


Proclet <= 0.12 does not have


DBI <= 1.614 does not have


Recommend modules when using ...

I recommend to install LWP::Protocol::https, if you are using LWP.

Need to support https


Tokuhiro Matsuno <tokuhirom AAJKLFJEF@ GMAIL COM>



Copyright (C) Tokuhiro Matsuno

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.